Charlie Armstrong
Digital Design


Christmas Card/GIF 2016

Christmas Card 2015

Chrismas Card 2014
A dropped 'T' alters the meaning of the holiday.

Christmas Card 2013
Have a lovely Christian Christmas.

Christmas GIFt 2012
Another blinking Christmas with a blink-eye GIF to celebrate with! Merry Christmas.

Christmas GIFt 2011
Festive fits from Charlie, and an epileptic New Year!

Christmas Card 2010
Featuring Riba from Fontstruct

Christmas Card 2009
Snowflakes and typefaces inspired Christmas card using my Special OP typeface.

The Credit CRUNCHmas Tree 2008
A valuable money-saving top tip for Christmas for all those feeling the pinch under the current economic climate of clichés.

Caption: Credit Crunch Christmas: fig 1 Requires: Traffic Cone, Tinsel (optional), Star (light accessory), no presents underneath.